Fire Tower

A New "Bang for your Buck" Hike

Author:Janelle Jones
Many fire towers in the Adirondacks are 100+ years old now. New ones aren’t being built. But, as the saying goes, old things are better than new because they have more stories to tell. And fire...

Reaching New Heights in Speculator, NY

Author:Janelle Jones
Chances are you’ve heard the phrase “it takes a village to raise a child.” This story is not of small children or new families. No, it’s a story of a relic of an older time that has recently been...

Winter Fire Tower Highs

Author:Janelle Jones
Hamilton County. It’s a place of small towns and big outdoors. In fact, well over half the county is classified as Forest Preserve. That’s a lot of space to explore!    And it’s all beautiful.  ...

The Peaks at Peak

Author:RaChelle Martz
We had one seriously hot summer, but as quickly as September arrived, so did the beautiful cool weather that makes us all turn off the air conditioners and crack the windows at night. Along with the...

One Down, Four to Go!

Author:ADK Blogger
How do you make the view from a mountaintop even better? Put a fire tower on top! For the record, I generally disagree with building structures of any kind on a mountain. But the fire towers in the...

Hiking Wakely Mountain

Author:Beth Lomnitzer
A couple of years ago, the fire tower on Wakely Mountain had some structural damage. Because it is so tall, it takes quite a beating from winds. The four support posts of the tower had weakened over...

5 ways to spring hike the ADKs

Author:ADK Blogger
Wildflowers, waterfalls, endless views, and the return of our summer birds — sounds like spring in the Adirondacks! Anyone who hikes here knows there’s a huge variety of trails, but in spring we try...

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