6 Cozy Taverns and Restaurants To Try

Comfort foods on the way Hamilton County is decidedly the cool cousin of our most intense seasons of outdoor recreation, winter and spring! What goes better with ever changing wild weather patterns...

Fish On! Ice Fishing Derbies are on the Horizon

It’s derby day! In Hamilton County, communities gather on the icy surfaces of our frozen lakes to partake in ice fishing derbies all over the region. When the days are dark and the weather is less-...

Get Cold Weather Ready

Author:Janelle Jones
Winters in the Adirondacks can be extreme: temperatures well below zero (Fahrenheit), snow, ice, wind, and everything. That doesn’t mean the season should be completely avoided. Don’t make like a...

Skiing at Sagamore

Author:Janelle Jones
I’ve been traveling to Great Camp Sagamore for over ten years now. Each time, I fall more in love with the architecture and surrounding landscape. But, truth be told, my visits have been limited to...

Ride, Relax, Repeat

Author:Rhiannon Berry
"Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood." -Andy Goldsworthy You don't have to look for very long before you find someone in the Adirondacks who enjoys snowmobiling through our...

First Time Snowshoe

Author:RaChelle Martz
When I was a kid I was always outside. Summer time you could find me at the beach, and in the winter time I practically lived at Oak Mountain. I loved skiing and snowboarding, but a combination of...

Fish On!

Author:Katie LaLonde
Throughout the Adirondacks, ice fishing is a winter tradition for many locals and everyone is ready to go just as soon as the ice becomes safe to get out on. Once there are 4-6 good inches of ice, we...

Winter at Oak Mountain

Author:Katie LaLonde
When winter arrives and the Speculator region becomes covered in a white blanket of snow, Oak Mountain turns into a winter playground. While most people travel to Oak Mountain for the family friendly...

Winter Bucket List

Author:RaChelle Martz
Winter this year may look a little different than previous years. Regulations have tightened a bit and we may not be able to spend as much time indoors as other years. Why not make the best of the...

Winter Fire Tower Highs

Author:Janelle Jones
Hamilton County. It’s a place of small towns and big outdoors. In fact, well over half the county is classified as Forest Preserve. That’s a lot of space to explore!    And it’s all beautiful.  ...


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