Birding After Dark

Author:Janelle Jones
Calling all night owls! Literally and figuratively. Birding is not just a daytime activity anymore. Once the sun goes down, the fun world of nocturnal birding is just beginning. All sorts of...

A Weekend of Winter Birding

Author:Janelle Jones
As the snow falls, many of us think that birding is done for the season. That couldn’t be any further from the truth! In fact, birding in winter is exciting and often leads to unexpected finds....

Fabulous Birding Near Raquette Lake

Many great birding options With so many great places to go birding in Hamilton County during late summer and early fall, it is difficult to impossible to choose the best or even my favorites. So,...

A Few Full-day and Multi-day Paddles in the Central Adirondacks

Author:Alan Belford
Paddling Season! With a warming spring sun upon us and the Dark-eyed Juncos, Song Sparrows, and Brown Creepers singing early spring to my yard, our lakes and waterways are beginning to open up. Such...

5 Great Options for Spring Hikes

We’ve all been there: winter (no matter where you have been) feels like it has stretched on forever. Every day the sun is creeping higher on the horizon and you’re feeling that itch to get out and do...

Adirondack Birding Habitats

Author:ADK Blogger
It can be overwhelming visiting the Adirondacks because there is so much to see, and that’s especially true for birders. From the enormous, low-elevation Lake Champlain to the towering High Peaks,...

Exploring Fishing Brook and Shaw Pond

A Paddle to End the Day With the warm afternoon sun dropping low enough to create shadows along the waterways, I decided to fit in one last paddle for the day. And so, Wren and I drove a few miles...

Birding Sabattis Bog and Paddling Round Lake

Starting at Sabattis Wren and I were out early the other day, starting our trip at Sabattis Bog. Early mornings are key at Sabattis, as the road can get fairly busy when folks are heading in to...

Hiking, Birding, and Exploring in Hitchins Bog

Author:Alan Belford
A splendid place Hitchins Bog offers birders a great place to explore boreal habitat, reached along an old railroad bed. Since the bed runs roughly north-south through the bog, birders have their...

Take an Education Vacation

Author:RaChelle Hosley
Great Camp Sagamore is gearing up to open for the season. Everything is getting scrubbed down and spruced up after a winter of being closed. I was lucky enough to take a little walk around the...


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