Sprague Pond

Sprague Pond

This is a pretty pond with a trail all the way around it. It's only 0.3 miles down an easy path to reach its shore.

Getting there

From the intersection of Route 28/30 and Cedar River Road in Indian Lake, follow Cedar River Road. Continue for 4.5 miles to the Sprague Pond Trailhead on the right. The trailhead has a small sign and a yellow gate. A small parking area is roadside on the opposite side of the road.


The carry is an easy one and will accommodate a cart if you need or desire to use one. Once on the water this makes for an excellent beginner paddle destinations. Its calm waters and shallow bays are a nice touch to this back-country destination. There are also a couple small islands worth hopping as well, be sure to bring a nice bagged lunch this is a nice spot I am sure you hang around at.

It is a 0.3 mile carry from Cedar River Road to the edge of the pond. Well graded and flat. The water is well sheltered and calm, no motorboats allowed in the wilderness area


This pond is stocked with brown trout.

To reach the shore you will have a 0.3 mile hike to the pond. The terrain is easy and you will be there in no time flat. The brown trout fishing from shore is decent, and there is plenty of room to cast a line. The panfish are pretty abundant as well making for a fun fishing destination for then kids.

The best fishing is from a boat, but don't feel it is necessary.


Once you pass through the gate you will be on a very well maintained and easy trail. There is minimal elevation change along the entire route and no obstacles to contend with. This easy hike can be done in less than an hour. About halfway to the pond there is an obvious, but unmarked, split in the trail. Left leads to a fish barrier dam in about 100 feet. It's worth a quick gander. The pond is shortly beyond the split and has plenty of fisherman paths around the shoreline. The scenery is amazing, especially when fall brings out stellar colors.

Elevation Loss/Gain: Minimal

Round-Trip Distance: 0.6 mile unless you go around the pond

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