Lows Lake/Bog River Flow

Lows Lake/Bog River Flow

Just getting into Lows Lake is an adventure.


From the lower dam, this 11-mile paddle, with one short carry at the upper dam, traverses a beautiful narrow waterway. The wide expanse of Lows Lake then opens up with marshes to the south and a backdrop of rugged mountains to the north. Islands and bays provide refuge when it's windy. There are 39 designated campsites. For the ambitious, a three-mile carry at the west end of the lake leads to the Upper Oswegatchie River. Your reward is huge white pines, vast wilderness, and an 18-mile downstream cruise to Inlet.

Getting there

Primary public access to the area is by a short gravel road off State Route 421 to Lows Lower Dam, where a canoe may be launched. This road may be gated in the spring to protect it during frost-out. Alternate canoe access is available at Horseshoe Lake Outlet.

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