Lake Abanakee

Lake Abanakee

Lake Abanakee spans both sides of Route 30, Big Brook Road, and Jerry Savarie Road.

Getting There

From Indian Lake, follow Route 30 toward Speculator for 0.5 mile and turn left onto Big Brook Road. Continue for 1.3 miles to the lake where you will find the sandy launch. The carry from the car to water is minimal.

Paddling and Portage

Lake Abanakee is long and shallow, with great scenery. The shallow waters make it especially popular for fishing. Many islands dot this long waterbody, giving it excellent features to explore. Keep an eye out for large birds nests in the trees and resident bald eagles and osprey. This lake is ideal for leisurely paddles and birdwatching.

Additional Information

For a longer trip, consider renting a camp or cabin at Lake Abanakee, letting you paddle practically from your front door!



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