Blue Mountain Lake

Blue Mountain Lake

Blue Mountain Lake is one very large lake, with some outstanding features, many dotted islands, and an abundant loon population. You can take a short hike up Castle Rock along the way, which is an attractive rock outcropping that gives outstanding views of the lake.

An inlet to the southeast corner of the lake will bring you to Eagle Lake and further on to Utowana Lake, which is another outstanding paddle destination with greater wildlife potential.

How to get there

From the intersection of Route 28 and Route 30 in the small hamlet of Blue Mountain Lake, follow Route 28 toward Raquette Lake. Continue for about 0.25 mile to the town beach and only public boat launch for the lake. Shoreline launch with shallow water and easy access. The carry is about 100 feet over grass and sand. The distance depends on parking available.

By the numbers

  • 12.6 miles of shoreline
  • 1,200 acres
  • Mean depth: 25 feet


This is a large lake shared with motor boats and can get rough in windy conditions. Much of the shoreline and islands are private, so observe posted signs if going ashore. 


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