7th Lake

7th Lake

Large open waters with great views of the mountains all around. Explore the rocky shores, bays, and numerous nooks and crannies scattered around this popular lake.

Getting there

From the intersection of Route 28 and Route 30 follow Route 28 through Raquette Lake and locate the state campground on the right, there is a launch here. A second launch is a bit further down Route 28 at a state fishing access site; this will also be on the right.


If using the state campground launch be aware that a small day-use fee will be required when the campground is open for the season. The state fishing launch is not all that big and tends to fill up very quickly on busy weekends. Once on the lake the paddling is best in the northern bays and narrows toward 8th Lake. Explore the shallows, shores and bay for the best paddling all-in-all. The large open waters are best for longer kayaks and canoes but are aware of motorboats on this large Adirondack lake. Two of the northern shallow bays along Route 28 are nice places to explore and take in a bit of birding; the Great Blue Heron likes to hang out around here.

This lake is used a bunch by paddlers as well as those using motorboat. It is a very busy lake and rather large as well. Being as large as it is, it is not very well-sheltered when out in the middle, Whitecap conditions to exist when ill weather moves in and seeming windy during midday away from the bays and the shore.

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