Cascade Pond and Rock Pond

Cascade Pond and Rock Pond

These two ponds are a fun, wilderness adventure!

Getting there

From the intersection of Route 28 and Route 30 in Blue Mountain Lake follow Route 28/30 toward Indian Lake. Continue for just under 1-mile to where CR 19 comes in sharply on your right and follow here. Go down CR19 for about 0.25 miles to a dirt road on the left with a sign for Cascade Pond. Drive down this road for about 0.1 miles to the trailhead on the right.


Shore fishing is pretty decent, but you will have to hike 0.6 miles to reach the shore, but the trail is very easy. A footbridge will get you over the divide between Rock and Durant and paths go along the shore to help access a bit of fishing. It is said that there is decent panfish fishing right from the footbridge area so if you want a good time for the kids bring them along. There is no direct boat access but the pond can be accessed by a small boat from Lake Durrant.

Paddlers may access Lake Durant and Rock Pond from the Lake Durant Campground Boat Launch (day use fee required) at the eastern end of the water or from a waterway access site on the Cascade Pond Trailhead access road. Other waters that may be accessed by paddlers willing to carry their canoe or kayak some distance are Sprague Pond, Cascade Pond, and Stephens Pond.

Cascade Pond is stocked with brook trout. Rock Pond has largemouth bass and tiger muskellunge, with bullhead and panfish.


There is a very long narrow stream (more than 2 miles in length) that will access you to Rock Pond. This is possibly the most scenic and interesting paddle opportunities in the region and should not be missed by anyone. Once on Rock Pond there are additional camping opportunities. Hang out here for a couple days and enjoy some serious solitude, listen to the loons and gander about for the local moose. Do not paddle past Rock Pond as it soon becomes private property.


The trail is wide and well used, a nice walk in the woods. You will quickly drop down over an old wood bridge before you start an easy hike to Rock Pond which comes in at around 0.6 miles. From there the hike remains easy to moderate but does go over a small hogback in route to the pond. You will come first to the lean-to at 2.6 miles from the trailhead. Continue a bit further for other views of the pond or even further to the Northville/Placid Trail (0.9 miles from lean-to) and Stephens Pond (1.4 miles).

The round trip distance is 5.2 miles.

Ice Fishing

Also an excellent ice fishing situation.


Cascade Pond has a lean-to along the shore.

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