Piseco Lake

Piseco Lake

Piseco Lake is a large body of water with plenty of rooms to spread out fishing, boating, and paddling.

Getting there

There are three launch sites on the lake, each with a paved launch for trailers. All can be found by taking Old Piseco Road off of Route 8 on the back side of the Piseco Lake.

Launches available for a day use fee at the Point Comfort and Little Sand Point, and at no cost at Poplar Point.


Piseco is popular among fisher-folk for lake trout and land-locked salmon. It also has a solid population of whitefish. In the spring, trout and salmon are best caught by trolling near inlets. Look for walleye, rainbow trout, brown trout, smallmouth bass, brown bullhead, perch, rock bass, and whitefish.


Piseco Lake offers some interesting side trips, such as a paddle up Fall Stream to Fall Lake. Only two miles further upstream, and several beaver dams later, is the remote Vly Lake. Big Bay is accessible from Piseco Lake and from a parking area on Route 10.

Paddlers should note that Piseco is a big lake and can get very windy. 

Ice Fishing

Winter fishing species include lake trout, yellow perch, lake whitefish, smelt, and landlocked salmon. Piseco Lake has special regulations for ice fishing.

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