Inlet Area Business Association - Featured Business

Inlet Area Business Association - Featured Business

Each month the Inlet Area Business Association will share information with you about one of their paid members.

May 2018's business is:

Julie Liddle's Adirondack Vacation Rental Homes

Julie Liddle's Adirondack Vacation Rental Homes has been offering rentals of privately owned homes for 27 years.  They specialize in private vacatio rentals in the Old Forge, Thendara, Inlet, Eagle Bay, Big Moose area in the Adirondack Park.

With a well-established, very thorough rental program designed to take the headaches away from the property owners, Julie Liddle's will set prices, make rules, screen tenants, handle interim problems and all moneys.  They will provide a full and timely accounting process, negotiate necessary leases, inspect and clean the property after each tentat and much more.  Their marketing is progressive, effective and is geared to draw the best customers.  The length of time Julie has spent in the rental business has given her the experience to obtain the highest rents in the region.

Julie grew up in Old Forge, left for a few years and came back to raise her two girls.  Then decided they couldn't stay away from this beautiful area they call home.

When asked why she loves being a part of the community she replied. "The Old Forge and Inlet area has so much to offer both for local residence as well as tourists with its many different area activities,  It's such a great feeling to be from a small town and knowing most of the people.  If anyone was ever in the need for anything, it's nice to know you can count on your small town family.  Plus it's so nice to be able to walk thru town or drive thru town knowing that someone will smile at you and wish you a good day.  That's what small towns are all about."

Julie Liddle's also offers in-house caretaking service with their sisiter company Property Management Services - services such as care taking, cleaning, plowing, mowing, carpentry, plumbing, checking of your home when your not there.  All for the absentee owner.

Rentals are always offered for 3 to 6 months before the season you are looking for so you are able to book early and get what you want.

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