Fall on the water!

Fall on the water!

Last week I was fortunate enough to head out on Piseco Lake for a beautiful sunset cruise with some great friends. My husband, kids, and I  got to have a lovely lake-front dinner of homemade pizza, swimming, and a tour of the lake. 

Piseco Lake boatingWe sat lakeside and ate our pizza while the kids splashed around in the seemingly endless shallow water of Piseco Lake. It's a great place for kids because they can play without worrying about going into the "deep end." The water was a little chilly, but just right for Zoey and Zane. As the sun started to go down and the temperatures started to drop, I convinced the kids to come out of the water so we could head out on the lake. It wasn't easy, but the boat ride seemed to be just the right amount of bribery.  Piseco boat ride

We all piled into the boat and took our first-ever ride on Piseco. It is a beautiful, long lake that seems to go on forever. There are some beautiful houses along the shore, and it's easy to pick out places like Higgins Bay and the various campgrounds. This was all my first visit to the sandbar, a stretch seemingly in the middle of the lake that is barely waist deep on me, and I'm only 5-foot-4! The kids took advantage of the shallow water to get out of the boat and splash around again.  Zoey, Colleen, and RaChelle on Piseco Lake.

At that point, it was a little too cold for me to test out the water, but it did get me thinking about all of the advantages of hitting the water in the fall.

Quiet Waters Lake Pleasant in fall.

It's nice and quite in the fall, so it's the perfect opportunity to enjoy some cool, glassy water without all the hustle and bustle of summer. Colder temps and colder water means less water skiers and tubers. If you bundle up with a cozy hoodie and maybe a blanket, it's a great way to enjoy the fall scenery.  

Kayaking the Adirondacks.


It's also a perfect time to traverse the rivers and enjoy some of the beautiful foliage the Adirondacks have on display. You can hop into your canoe or kayak and check out the Cedar River Flow. You not only have a chance to peek at some foliage, but you may also see some avian life that has yet to head south. You could see anything from the common loon to an Olive-sided Flycatcher.

Whitewater rafting the Adirondacks.


Have you ever thought about whitewater rafting, but the idea of the rushing waters of spring makes you nervous? Then fall is the perfect time to hit the rapids. The water is much calmer than in the spring after the snow melts. The mild Class 3 rapids make it an opportune time give it a try. It's also an amazing way to view the foliage. You can enjoy 16 miles of beautiful, one-of-a-kind scenery on the Hudson River Gorge. 

 Fall is a great time to visit the Adirondacks, especially if you enjoy solitude. Book a room and come visit, because before you know it winter will be here!