Lake Pleasant Sacandaga Association

Lake Pleasant Sacandaga Association


The mission of the Lake Pleasant-Sacandaga Association (LPSA) is to protect and preserve the
health and beauty of the lakes within the Town of Lake Pleasant, New York.
The organization was founded in 1953. LPSA utilizes a broad range of activities and initiatives
to raise awareness of the threats of invasive species in our waters and woodlands, including
both aquatic and terrestrial invasives. If invasive species are discovered in our area, the
organization volunteers work with property owners and government agencies to fight the spread
of invasive species which pose a threat to the ecological health and beauty of our area.
Lakes in the Town of Lake Pleasant include Lake Pleasant, Sacandaga Lake, Oxbow Lake,
Whitaker Lake, and others, including a part of Indian Lake.
LPSA implements and supports many projects which protect the environment and benefit the
- prevent spread of invasive aquatic species by staffing Lake Stewards each summer who
monitor local boat ramps. These stewards educate boaters about the threats of invasive
species, and inspect boats and trailers for potential invasive species.
- operate a free boat-wash station (on RT 30 northbound lane a mile south of Speculator
Village center) to prevent introduction of invasive species to our lakes. The Lake Steward
and Boat Wash operations are performed in conjunction with the Town of Lake Pleasant.
- survey water near lake shorelines by volunteer lake shore monitors to watch for invasive
plant species
- professional testing of lakes for invasive species and weeds
- collect scientific data related to lake health, in coordination with New York State, to monitor
the long-term trends in the ecological health of lakes in our area
- coordinate and fund educational programs and field trips for local middle school students
to expand their awareness and knowledge of lake ecology and invasive species. Each
year, all the 7th-8th-9th grade students at Lake Pleasant Central School participate in lake
health research projects, presentations, and an all-day field trip to encourage them to be
proactive in protecting their town and lakes.

- spread information to raise awareness of invasive species threats in our area, including
both aquatic and terrestrial plant and animal species
- beautification of our town through gardens, flowers, roadside barrels, memorial benches,
public dock, information kiosk, and other visually attractive amenities. Also, LPSA is a
continuing supporter of the Ambulance Corp, Health Center, Fire Department, Senior
Citizens Center, Library, and other civic minded organizations for the betterment of our

LPSA is keenly aware that the economic vitality of our Town and its people are directly tied to
the health and purity of our lakes. All residents and visitors within the community are
encouraged to become members of LPSA to help support the mission and operations of the
organization. If you are not already a member of LPSA, please click on “New Members” under
“Membership” (on the menu bar at the top of the home page) to join our organization. Your
membership fee helps to support all of our programs.

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