Rhinelander Ruins Tour

Rhinelander Ruins Tour

Tuesday, July 19th - join the Historical Society of Lake Pleasant and Speculator for a tour of the historic Rhinelander's Estate.

Meet at the Lake Pleasant Public Library at 10 AM to learn about the history and legend of the Rhinelanders, then travel down Elm Lake Road to explore the actual ruins of the legendary estate!

The Adirondacks are known to have many stories of ghosts and mysterious haunted ruins. One of those sites is The Rhinelander Estate.

The Rhinelander house burned to the ground in 1875 but the ghost stories surrounding this mysterious estate only grew. People who camped within the foundation’s walls said they would hear ghostly sounds and see bricks floating around. Some even reported seeing a ghost floating from the direction of Elm Lake.

Could it be the ghost one of Philip Rhinelander's victims? Or maybe it was Mary Rhinelander herself?

Come see for yourself!