Hospitality Homes of the Adirondacks

Hospitality Homes of the Adirondacks


We are Maura and David Paler.   

The 5 (soon to be 6!) Adirondack properties you find here were lovingly selected, renovated and furnished by us over the past 10 years. We started with just one but it was so much fun to fix up and rent out, so we purchased another...then another...and now we can't seem to stop ourselves. We use them with friends and family a ton as well. 

My (Maura's) family has been vacationing in Wells on Lake Algonquin since the 1950's. Every summer we would visit my grandfather at his camp and watch him weeding, mowing and fussing, fixing this and that, and picking up after his 5 very messy grandkids while we swam, biked and went for ice cream. We never appreciated his efforts until we inherited it. Now we watch each other painting, fixing, sanding, mowing and laugh at ourselves and think of Pops. We have him to thank for finding and sharing this amazing area. 

Dave and I ski, hike, swim, antique (you'll see lots in our houses!), kayak, cross country ski, snowshoe and snowmobile here. If you are interested in these types of activities you will have access to all our special spots. If you prefer to sit and vegetate on the sofa, the houses are comfy enough that you will be happy doing nothing!

All the houses are designed with you in mind. We get that cleanliness is next to godliness and that comfort is key even in the great wild woods. We provide a lot of little things you may not think to bring on vacation (tin foil, napkins, binoculars, paper towels, life preservers and way more) so you can simply pick up some food and head up. They all have great grills and very well equipped kitchens for those gourmets who love to cook on holiday. And the views from the houses...simply killer. 

We get to share what we love, and you get to experience the magic of the Adirondacks as we do. It's a win win! We have many guests who return time and again, you could try a different house each time, or make it a tradition to visit the same cabin every year. We've had guests end up purchasing their own slice of heaven nearby too! 

Pick a house...any won't be disappointed.

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