Cabin Fever Sunday Lectures at the ADX, "ADK Life's Our Towns"

Cabin Fever Sunday Lectures at the ADX, "ADK Life's Our Towns"

"Adirondack Life’s Our Towns"

For the award-winning magazine’s 50th year, Adirondack Life compiled decades of its popular back-page Our Towns vignettes into a volume packed with quirky characters and colorful tales—including the strange case of a judge who lost his chance to serve in the Lincoln administration by admitting to beyond-the-grave chats with Sir Francis Bacon; where you can find Moan and Groan Acres—that is, if jokesters haven’t stolen the sign again; the lakeside community that borrowed its name from a 19th- century mystery novel; and where an intrepid hydrogen-balloon pilot landed after a sleepless 350-mile journey. Explore those stories and more as Adirondack Life’s editor-at-large Elizabeth Folwell and senior editor Niki Kourofsky delve into the park’s fascinating human landscape.

About the Presenters:

Elizabeth “Betsy” Folwell, author of Short Carries: Essays from Adirondack Life and expert in all things Adirondack, has anchored Adirondack Life for almost 30 years, winning countless awards for her vivid and insightful prose. A longtime Blue Mountain Laker, Betsy’s latest endeavor (along with her husband, Tom Warrington), is restoring the 1946 diner on Route 30 known as the Blueliner, opening date TBD.

Niki Kourofsky, author of Adirondack Outlaws: Bad Boys and Lawless Ladies, has worked at Adirondack Life for a decade. Her articles “Grass Roots,” “Frontier Town,” and “Valentino and Me” have won gold, silver and bronze, respectively, from the International Regional Magazine Association. Niki’s Adirondack roots run generations deep, grounded in the ore sand of the one-time mining community of Lyon Mountain.